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Heroes are the playable characters in Iron League. There are currently 31 playable heroes in the game. All players begin with Tristan and Caren unlocked for free. Additional characters can be unlocked with either Gold (free currency) or Diamonds (cash currency).

At the start of a match, two opposing teams of one to three players choose a hero to play during that match. Heroes accumulate experience and gold to grow stronger, gaining new abilities and purchasing items in order to destroy the opponent's nexus. Most heroes have a distinct role that defines how they affect the battlefield, though many heroes can perform multiple roles. A hero's appearance can be modified with skins.

List of heroes[edit | edit source]

Tanker heroes[edit | edit source]

Warrior heroes[edit | edit source]

Assasin heroes[edit | edit source]

AD Carry heroes[edit | edit source]

Supporter heroes[edit | edit source]